Case study

G.F Smith

The Possibilities of Paper

135 years making and curating the world’s finest and most distinctive papers. G.F Smith works in partnership with brands, creatives, designers and specialists, providing the foundation for those that seek to create.


The Challenge

G.F Smith are the industry leaders when it comes to beautifully crafted, premium paper and designers across the globe will undoubtedly have the Collection Book sat within arms reach.  

What started as a mobile app to support the new Collection Book launch quickly progressed into a multi-faceted digital transformation project.

Brands, eCommerce Stores, experiential sites and systems were scattered across the G.F Smith ecosphere. Limesharp were commissioned to scope, build and execute the digital strategy using Magento 2 as the core platform.

Our Approach

Long Term Partnership

We have had a close relationship with G.F Smith for over 4 years supporting their Magento 1 store and building a multitude of experiential sites and have loved the challenges along the journey. G.F Smith are not a typical retail brand, their product is highly complex and requires an entirely different mindset when approaching their projects.

Conceptually the site was designed to mirror the physical collection book with additional features to help the customer navigate, inspire and educate.


The Final Experience

Designed for designers. eCommerce but not how you know it. Using our headless tech stack allowed us to really push the limits of what was possible with the design restrictions of Magento. We have have delivered a scalable platform for growth that continues to innovate and showcase the world of G.F Smith.

Limesharp Work

  • Developoment
  • Integrations
  • Technical Consultancy

Inspire, Innovate, Educate

One of the key objectives for the new site was not only to introduce papers to G.F Smith's customers but also to inspire and educate them about the endless possibilities when working with G.F Smith paper. Throughout the customer journey projects and information are surfaced to fulfil this objective.

The Paper Bank

Designers are akin to the Magpie

The Paper Bank was born for the need of enabling designers to collect various mediums of inspiration throughout the site. Users can save products, social content and articles in their personalised boards to use on whatever project they may be embarking on. The ability to add all papers as samples into their bag for delivery is an incredibly powerful and bespoke tool for G.F Smith.

Limesharp built a custom analytics suite so the paper consultants can offer informed, expert advice when helping customers specify their projects.

People are our foundation. Paper is our passion.